Cuckoo, Cuckoo Takes you to a Weird and Magical Place

The thunderstorms here have me in a warm mood today.

I’m remembering a time more than five years ago, when I used to drive out to the ocean to work at a restaurant. One day instead of turning around to go home, I decided to keep going North along a road lined with eucalyptus trees and cliffs that dropped off into the ocean. The fog was so thick and wet that the whole world was white and perspiring. You could hear the roar of the waves crashing below the cliffs, but all  you could see was a sky of mist below. I listened to this album then as I drove with the windows down and the mist and scent of eucalyptus seeping into the grey seats of my car. This song always takes me back to that weird and magical place.

As a bonus, someone has made a weird video to go with it. Enjoy.

P.S. Sorry folks for the delay on the next story. I’ve been in Chiang Mai all last week petting tigers and pretending to care about soccer in front of handsome Germans, not to mention searching out nominees for the Liebster Award . I hope this can keep you in a dreamy state until Monday.


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