Adventures with Finn has Moved!

Hey folks!

For anyone still paying attention, there’s a reason I haven’t posted in forever. First of all I was whisked away for my last stint in Southern Thailand with a pit stop in Cambodia before finally coming home to the states last August. Since then I’ve been working every day to prepare and launch a new blog–the 510.  I had a great experience dabbling in travel writing with this adventure blog. I plan to do a lot more of it, and to complete the narrative I began here, as well as re-introduce some of the same stories I’ve published on Adventure’s with Finn. But I also wanted something broader that could accommodate all of my narrative and journalistic interests now that I’m back in California. And I wanted to spend more time in the development of the blog before hand so that I had a better developed ascetic and enough material to allow myself to keep on top of deadlines

Enter the 510.

The 510 continues my narratives of living in Thailand while also telling stories of home coming, profiling artists and events in the Oakland area, and even giving advice to burgeoning writers like myself.  (It’s basically a writing advice column by myself to myself, but hey it keeps me on my game.) If you’ve enjoyed the stories in Adventures with Finn enough to follow me then please continue with the 510.



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